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The personal information the DataStadium receives from customers shall be handled as set forth below.

■Purpose of Use of the Personal Information of Customers
To respond to customer inquiries.
■Providing Personal Information to Third Party
DataStadium will only provide the personal information in our possession to a third party in the case required by laws and regulations to provide personal information.
■Entrusting Personal Information
As part of DataStadium business management, we consign some of our work externally to provide our customers with excellent service. In doing so, we may entrust personal information to a subcontractor. In such cases, DataStadium carefully select subcontractors under the precondition that they have imposed and implemented a management system that is capable of properly protecting personal information. On top of this, DataStadium agree on items that are essential to prevent the disclosure of customer's personal information by the proper management of this information and the maintenance of confidentiality through contractual or other means to compel them to engage in proper management.
■Optional Provision of Customers to provide Personal Information
The accuracy of information depends largely on our customers. If information is not accurate we may not be able to carry out our service properly.
■Request on Disclosure of Personal Information
Customers have the right to request Personal Information from DataStadium for notification, disclosure, correction or addition and or deletion of contents of use, suspension or elimination of use, suspension of provision to third parties. Please contact the following.
Privacy Information: +81-3-6261-1551
Personal Information Protection Administrator: Keiichiro Yagino

※Please note that we accpept no solicitors with this contact form.

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